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Dave Grohl’s Pandemic Playlist


  • GeorgiaGeorgia 116 posts

    Nice touch ending it on Here Comes the Sun.

  • hoochhooch 268 posts

    I don't agree with the LCD sound soundsystem or smashing pumpkins songs. I can't think of any situation where I'd enjoy or need to hear those, but bullet with butterfly wings is one of the last things I'd want to hear if I was in a situation that made me claustrophobic, that blurb was wierd. The rest are ok, definitely crazy by Patsy Cline.

  • IamBecIamBec 1,083 posts
    edited April 10

    I love LCD!!!

    also liked the final choice :)

  • His writing just makes me laugh...

  • I think that Smashing Pumkins might be releasing a new album this year

  • Michael MunroMichael Munro 6 posts
    edited April 13

    I must admit I am surprised at Our House by Madness, its good to know that he knows a thing or to about British pop music, although it was also their biggest US hit.

  • BetoBeto 324 posts

    Moments of Love was the bestest thing to find in that playlist. I fucking lol'd.

  • The Cars' song is cool, Ahmad's Waltz is a chill out song. Not heard much of LCD Sound System before but their song Drunk Girls reminds me of Girls on Film by Duran Duran. School's Out is classic 1970s. Bullet with Butterfly Wings is classic 1990s and I am actually quite glad that he chose that. It shows some recognition for the genre.

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