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The Ticket Thread - Buy and sell here for face value



  • Poppy4580Poppy4580 1,002 posts

    Due to some work conflicts I have 2 tickets for the RRHOF induction ceremony to sell at face value ($285 including fees).

    Section 210, row 13, seats 1 and 2

    DM me if interested.

  • DezbotDezbot 97 posts
    edited October 2021

    Anybody have extras for the Storytellers shows in L.A.? I'm nervous about buying from an aftermarket site, given the Ford says it will cancel those tickets if the names don't match the seller. :(

    ETA: Never mind, they dropped tix and we scored :)

  • Ticket Insurance Company sent via USPS a check for the full refund of my Sacramento single ticket order - so I don't have the Sacramento ticket at all but did get a refund (but not from Ticketmaster).

  • I have two GA floor seats for the seattle show on tuesday. PM me if interested!

  • kathyp1637kathyp1637 12 posts
    edited October 2021

    Looking for one ticket for the House of Blues Cleveland show this Thursday. Will be your plus one and buy beverages for the evening!

    PM me if available. Thank you!

  • Also looking for two tickets to HOB Cleveland. Please! Thank you very much.

  • Got shut out of Merriweather Post Pavilion (Columbia, MD) show. In the waiting room at 09:50am. Was #1700+ when the sale opened at 10:00am. Number came up at 10:20am. Tickets sold out.

    Looking for 5 tickets for the Columbia, MD show on Monday May 16th. Prefer pit or under the pavilion.

  • I have 3 GA Pit tickets for the Bangor show on 7/27 at face value. The date no longer works for me to attend 😞

  • Hi all,

    I have two tickets for the Aug 6 Denver show at Empower Field. Paid $495 (face and fees) for the two. Can transfer safely through ticketmaster, can share proof of digital transaction.

    Bought these for the guy was dating...no longer!! So just want to offload them to another big fan.

    Section 119, Row 33, Seat 13Section 119, Row 33, Seat 14

  • trevgregtrevgreg 54 posts

    One GA for 8/20 LA show, which is now sold out. No more than face value/fees!

  • In search of one ticket to the LA memorial show, anywhere in the building

  • AndyAndy 66 posts

    If anyone has spare wembley tickets please let me know. My friend missed out 😔

  • foopammyfoopammy 15 posts

    Hey all... I got one lucky seat to the LA memorial show Sec 214, Row 10, Seat 4.

    I am not selling this per say but looking for a GA ticket. I am dreaming of being on the floor for this show to be up there with my foo fam.

    You can have my stands seat for free if you have a GA ticket and I will pay the full cost for your GA ticket. Free show for you, the seat I want for me. Willing to hear any other offers for anyone with a GA ticket. Resale sights are selling them for 2k but funny the tickets are locked from sale above the cost by the band so I bet they are scamming people to pay part of those crazy price hikes to private accounts. Sad stuff.

    If you have an extra GA or are willing to trade for my section and get a free show or have any other interesting ideas to get a GA ticket let me know. Cant wait to honor our brother together!

  • doinforddoinford 23 posts

    Hey. Desperately after one standing ticket. Thanks

  • skiffyskiffy 16 posts

    So myself and a couple of mates all failed to secure any Wembley pitch tickets for ourselves and our sons (I was due to be taking my 12yo to the July 2nd gig for his birthday and his first ever gig). So if for some reason anyone needs to offload any I'd be over the moon to take as many as you have! Unlikely I know.

  • HornetHornet 1 posts

    Would be grateful for 2 seated tickets for Wembley if anyone selling. Pre-sale was a disaster on Gigs and Tours - firsts time I've not been able to secure Foos tickets so feel like a failure! Thank you.

  • ringzerringzer 11 posts

    Throwing my hat in the ring for 1, 2 or 3 tickets! I'll take anything!

    Gutted not to get anything on pre-sale or general sale.

  • LesLes 6 posts

    How T.A.F. does Twickets work?? Guys, l have 2 emails set to alerts plus my NHS account plus the app alerts. The emails come through over 15 mins and obviously the precious tix are gone by then. The app doesn't seem to even flag up new posted tix until, yes you guessed it, they are gone.

    Willing to buy 3 to 4 tix. Please message me if you have some to sell. Rock n roll famalam X

  • GeorgiaGeorgia 202 posts


    Flying from the UK for the LA tribute show.

    Looking for 1x ticket, seated or standing I don't mind as long as I'm in the building.

    Please DM me if you're selling.

  • TezzaHTezzaH 3 posts
    edited August 2022

    Morning Foos world. I have 2 tickets for block 527 going up for sale.

    This is the Wembley gig.

    They have a restricted view which I have been told is that you cannot see right to the back of the stage but you can see most of it.

    I managed to get 2 in these seats for a friend but he is now travelling for work and cannot make it. These will be face value. The total cost for these tickets is £195.55 which includes cancellation insurance etc.

    Payment will have to be bacs of PayPal as a friend or PayPal will batter me for fees. I can send the ticket order as a gift using gigs and tours website so you know they are real.

    I'll even send you proof of my address so you know they are safe and real.

    First come first served.

  • Hi Everyone

    I am looking to swap my 4x standing tickets for 4x decent ish seated tickets if anyone who couldn't get standing fancies a ticket swap.


  • Looking for a single lower tier seat to the Wembley tribute gig. I wasn't in an emotional place to buy when they went on sale, think I can handle it now. Disabled but not to the extent I get disabled tickets, just need to be low down.

    Will consider standing ticket on the day if nothing else materialises, appreciate it if anyone reaches out (note: I don't check in here too often but will get back to you ASAP) thanks all.

  • skiffyskiffy 16 posts

    I reckon there are bots buying the pitch standing tickets. They always go quicker than I can hit the buy button when they've appeared while I've been there. So frustrating!

  • Honestly think there'll be tickets on the day. Any time I've tried to give away tickets on the Foo board on the actual day of the event, there's never been any response (even for an AAA ticket!) - also secondary ticketing site seller panic and start competing with each other dropping the price.

    I'm abandoning plans for now, thinking of getting an outdoor cinema set up and having a party at my place near Birmingham. Let me know if anyone's interested in coming, more the merrier!

  • Hey all, am looking for 3 tickets to the Houston show 10/10/23. Please let me know if anyone looking to offload!

  • I know there aren't too many Aussies on here but I've got a couple of spare tickets for Melbourne 6th Dec Block 85 which is near the stage.

    Also total long shot but would love a pair for Santa Barbara. Got up at 2.30 am and ended up with Nothing at All!

  • GeoGeo 3,406 posts

    Are you on the Aussie Foo Crew Facebook group? There may be people in there. Otherwise, Tixel is great but you won’t get paid until after the show.

  • Yep thanks, already advertised them in AFC and have them on Tixel! One pair sold straight away but I've found if they don't sell immediately they just sit there. Might try another platform for a bit, there are loads on Stub but I'll sell for face value!

    It's funny, had so many friends couldn't get tickets initially and wanted them but now they've decided not to go!

  • Not selling tickets but got some cool memorabilia I sadly now need to sell, DM me.

  • I went to a gig Saturday night, was chatting to a friend and I happened to say if you know anyone who wants tickets and the guy standing next to him did, how lucky was that, sorted!

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