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Peruvian Foo Fighters superfans to perform “My Hero” using all Indigenous instruments

Hundreds of Peruvian Foo Fighters superfans will be performing “My Hero” live in Lima,  on December 3rd using all indigenous Peruvian instruments! My cousin José is one of the organizers and a true Foo Fighters fanatic- his ultimate goal is that The Foo Fighters someday play in Perú. **Does anyone have any idea how I might get the news of this performance to one of the band members?** Even if they never make it to Perú, I thought the members would love to hear about this and one of the guys might even be willing to record a little message of support. I am posting in a couple different forums to see if other superfans have any ideas about a good way to reach the group.

Linked here below are the event poster, a photo of some of the musicians, and a photo of a banner they hung over a busy street in the capital, Lima! For my Spanish speakers, check out the hashtag #FooPeruvianHeroes on instagram!





  • Ohhh, thanks for sharing! We are so excited for #FooPeruvianHeroes and we love the support from fans around the world! Ths Dec 3erd, peruvian fans will make history in our country and our continent!!

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    edited November 2023

    Gabriela, thank you so much for sharing the event, we will upload the video on Dave’s birthday, January 14th on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it. We are big fans and we’re making this with so much love.

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