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Grammy newsletter mystery pic

BetoBeto 1,228 posts
edited November 2023 in General Foo Discussion

Hey if I’m looking too much into it that’s only because the foos made me this way and I think there’s always a reason for easter eggs or mysteries.

There’s a picture at the end of today’s (nov 10) newsletter without any context. There’s the festival banners, and then a black image with yellow/“golden” flowers. Looks like an album cover (just because it’s square though 😅)

My fooradar instantly went on, it gave me St. CeciliaGate vibes. Then I thought “maybe it’s just a fuckup from the mailing author, maybe they accidentally left an image after using a template or something, or some merch I haven’t seen?

Anyone cares to speculate with me or shut me off?


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