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UK Tour Shuttle Buses

Hello all,

Long time fan, first time poster here.

Have got tickets to London 22nd June, was wondering whether there were usually any coaches/shuttle buses organised from various places around the UK for gigs? Will be looking to organise a group of 6 of us getting from Brighton/Eastbourne area and back for it and trying to figure out the easiest way without forking out for expensive hotels etc. Wasn't sure if this is something that's usually done or been done before?

Cheers all x


  • Huntsy67Huntsy67 41 posts

    I saw when booking the London gigs had the option to add in travel via certain places , not sure if Brighton was one of them tho

  • FooArchiveFooArchive 396 posts

    That sounds more like a query for travel and transport businesses in Eastbourne/Brighton than on here. Or ask on the local subreddits to see if anyone can point you in the right direction. A company that does airport transfers may be able to help you out.

  • don't Big Green Bus usually do coach tickets to big gigs. check them out.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,311 posts

    National Express did a special bus service to Taylor's Tribute from Brighton, wasn't a great service though so I didn't bother using it. Otherwise it will be into Victoria and then the underground.

    If there are a lot of you, what about a private minibus hire?

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