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Shifty hinting at solo shows while FF are in Australia


  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,115 posts

    Guess that’ll be on the 5th for Melbs! Although I was hoping for a secret Holy Shits show!

  • EdFurlongEdFurlong 297 posts

    Nice hint for Newy. Would make our life easier !!

    He could play Stag & Hunter too. I saw Nick Oliveri there a couple years back.

  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 793 posts

    Ohh yeah, didn’t think of the Stag! It’s an incredibly long shot, getting any of them here, but there’s no harm in trying - if only to make the point that we exist.

  • EdFurlongEdFurlong 297 posts

    I tried to line up Shifty coming up for a surf with Mark Richards many years ago, who I was doing some charity work with at the time, but he ended up bringing out the Jackson United crew for some side gigs on the Foo’s days off. THAT would have been awesome!!

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