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Tonight’s show in NH

A couple of things stood out tonight.

It was cold. We are from South Fl and damn ,it was chilly.People were very friendly and respectful. Nice work NH.Met some great peeps.

The band sounded great and the new songs were fantastic. Nothing at all is F ing insane live. Rescued as opener. 4 new ones debuted tonight.

Josh was amazing. All My Life has a new energy with his high energy style of playing. Impressive.

Great tribute to Taylor with Dave solo singing Cold Day. Wifey was quite emotional. Actually she felt the whole evening was a cry fest. She was more choked tonight than she was in London for the tribute show.

Dave was choked up many times tonight.

2 hr limit at venue. Not much bullshitting from Dave. No middle show Queen stuff we are all used to.

Intros were quick but Josh got a really,really nice reception. Fans were solid welcoming him.He’s a Foo Fighter.

Violet led Shame,Shame which had some really nice guitar work, back and forth leads which was a nice new twist.

Son of Mine was very cool. Josh adds to this.

Ending of My Hero was way different. Softer and respectful ,not Hawkins like. Well done.IMO

The classics were awesome as always. Lots of new fans at show. At least half crowd was first show. They were going nuts.

Stage set was super cool. One set had a red Van held by octopus type alien with an”World of the worlds “type backdrop. Another had a collage of concert posters. Which was really cool. I collect and I noticed many were from shows that never happened due to Covid,but were nice art work.

No covers other than some subtle Sabbath ,Devo, Huey Lewis and VH riffs during intros.

Merch is decent. Hats are cool but stupid flat billed. Oh well.

MW,Best,Aurora ,Everlong end of show songs.

Dave clearly needed tonight. Very choked up through numerous songs. I think shows will get even better as tour goes on.Felt therapeutic this evening

Of course we missed Rope ,Arlandria,Run from set. But we want White Limo, I’ll Stick Around, and Enough Space every show also. Being spoiled.

I guess we need 3 hr shows again to get this tracks.


  • Foo3001Foo3001 283 posts

    Nice review, thank you!

    I got a feeling from watching the clips online that this might be happening quite soon, not sure if Dave’s ready yet. He is understandably still dealing with the loss. Hope playing shows helps in the obvious grief.

  • thanks for the review, that was a great read. Set list looked very good. it looked like it was something which will build as the more shows and more months pass.

  • SophieSophie 2,779 posts

    Christ almighty that video on FFL of Cold Day had me in tears at 8am today. You could tell that was hard

  • yup going to be emotional

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,312 posts

    First proper show back was always going to be hard, this is reality.

    You witnessed something very special tonight and isn’t it great that Dave doesn’t have to put on a brave face, the fans allow him to be himself and we’re all there with him.

    Loved that Josh got so much love and a sign!!

    It will be interesting to see what the other shows are like especially as they are fests and not exclusively Foo fans although I'm sure the majority will be!

  • "You witnessed something very special tonight and isn’t it great that Dave doesn’t have to put on a brave face, the fans allow him to be himself and we’re all there with him"

    said perfectly mate.

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