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But Here We Are Japanese CD

Is out 14th June - obviously they got stretch pressing them by the 2nd.

No statement about pre-order bonus - but CD Japan are already down to just 25 copies left for the initially supplied quantity - which usually indicates there is going to be a bonus but they just don't know what it is (which would fit with the whole fast-tracked thing).



  • lharris92lharris92 1,637 posts

    Have been tempted by it but not yet jumped

  • matineeidyllmatineeidyll 726 posts

    Oh, screw it, ordered one on the off chance (and going off precedent) that it will include a bonus. If not, it’s one more sale and another copy to add to the Fooseum!

  • IamBecIamBec 3,668 posts

    I’ve got about 6 copies of the album coming already - due to all the sign up / prize things - lol - but can’t say I’m not tempted by this too 😂

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