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Negative Drummer Comments on Social Media

Is it just me or are others annoyed / upset / pissed off with the constant negative questions from 'fans' regarding the drummer situation. I get that it is a topic of interest but its also a very personal and tragic situation for all associated with the band & Taylors family.

A touring drummer will be announced (or not) whenever the band is ready. They owe nothing to anyone regarding making him/her known sooner and whatever decision they make will be the right one. They were closest to Taylor and are still grieving their friend. Nothing they do will disrespect Taylor. However, every time I see a new post from the band which I'm buzzing to read it annoys me with the same type of negative posts every 5 or 6 comments from people who clearly know very little about Taylor or the band. Any band or family member reading these must find them awful.

It must be a really strange time for the band. Getting back on the road, playing again, recording again. Soon the obligation for interviews, media etc will start. Just wish people would let them be and support whatever decisions they make.


  • Foo3001Foo3001 283 posts
    edited April 2023

    I fully support whatever they're doing and how they decide to do it.

    I have found the drummer thing kinda weird though, I mean, someone will be replacing T when they play shows. Which will happen next month.

    But now that there's new music incoming I do understand the value of announcing it only when the press thing starts.

  • It will be strange to see the band without Taylor but I dont think they will ever see anyone as a replacement. Pretty much any drummer that plays with the Foos will have been a close personal friend of Taylor and will be playing live with the band to enable them to continue playing...something which I'm sure Taylor would have wanted.

  • BexsterBexster 1,088 posts

    With such a huge fanbase they'll never please everyone, and some people just love to bitch. You get used to it, just like you get used to the "COME TO BRAZIL" lot 🤣

  • BethMIBethMI 255 posts

    I get why people are curious but it’s a bit bizarre that the band is here teasing new music and the vast majority of the comments are just “DON’T CARE! SAY DRUMMER!!!”

  • At least once a day, I get a shouty comment or DM demanding that I “just name the drummer already” like 1) FFL has anything to do with that, and 2) the withholding of this info is a personal insult to them.

    No matter what the band posts, there they are, flooding the comment section.

    They act like it’s disrespectful not to disclose it to this point, but the hyperfocus on who’s going to “replace” Taylor is more on the nose than anything. Taylor cannot be replaced. If they’re looking for someone to perfectly fill the space Taylor left, they’re going about it all wrong.

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,328 posts

    We know there will be someone drumming, unless they are going to use a drum machine... but I'll let the guys decide and tell us in their own sweet time. Still wouldn't surprise me that we won't know until the first gig.

    Oh and she who must not be mentioned in any other threads, put a reel of Atom on the stories, he's saying he's not a Foo Fighter.

  • TimTim 194 posts

    That's kind of my take on it too. It's been so overdone that it's almost a cliché and it's silly to see people fretting over it. Is someone holding tickets to New Hampshire and ready to sell them if it's not their preferred choice or something?

    People are too impatient these days.

  • It’s this nonsense.

  • TimTim 194 posts


  • 100%

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