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new Foo Fighters album- ‘But Here We Are’



  • BexsterBexster 1,090 posts

    I think for the album its just going to be Dave, can't think he'd get anyone else in at that stage.

  • IamBecIamBec 4,014 posts

    Yeah I can totally see him doing it himself this time

  • SophieSophie 2,831 posts

    Most are quite good but the odd total weirdo claiming the band to be disrespectful. Sigh.

  • TimTim 194 posts

    At least on the main page, it's white noise that mostly gets lost in the crowd.

  • Foo3001Foo3001 284 posts
    edited April 2023

    IMO after 5 or so listens this is the best FF release in almost 20 years

  • GeorgiaGeorgia 202 posts

    What a glorious day. I (happily) sobbed. 😁 Really bloody love the new track. Like many, I'm assuming it's Dave on the album.

    I've missed this, the excitement.

    Music heals.

  • SophieSophie 2,831 posts

    Very true! I love that Chris will bite back on his page when people come at him though.

    I also think this is Dave drumming.

  • lilmanjslilmanjs 446 posts
    edited April 2023

    I wouldn't be surprised if this has some Taylor on it but they went with something Dave did the drums for to start the promo process. They had said they were already writing new stuff when doing promotion for MaM. It also looks like pre-ordering gets you a digital download as I got the white vinyl but it doesn't state on the release pages! Only shows up once bought.

  • Just heard Rescued on the radio

  • SkezzSkezz 7,574 posts

    I have listened once through and initial impressions is that it is very In Your Honour with a nod to something else that I can't quite place yet. I think this could well be Dave doing his best Taylor impersonation or an amalgamation of Taylor and Dave

  • I really like the 1st song much more than I liked Shame Shame from MOM. I'm also very excited that the release date is 2nd June when I'm seeing them at Rock AM Ring :)

    Feels nice to have something to look forward to from FF. its been much needed.

  • Physical copies of the album come with a fold-out poster insert, according to online record stores. Ooh.

  • So Eggcited! 🥚

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 1,351 posts

    So I went to a gig last night and whilst I was enjoying 2 hours of The Stranglers, the internet was in meltdown over the new Foo track!

    Played it a few times today and really love it! Seen the track listing and times for the new album, really excited to hear The Teacher, hoping it's a really proggy one with that length.

    I think this album will be old skool rock, a couple of deep ballads, raw and straight from the heart. It will be interesting and can't wait to hear it in full.

  • SkezzSkezz 7,574 posts

    Do we think this is the first album they've actually recorded at 606 with the Neve board?

  • BexsterBexster 1,090 posts

    That's good to know. I was planning on getting the white vinyl from the store and then the CD from my local indie.

    That feels quite old school!

  • BetoBeto 1,251 posts

    I like sections of it, but overall the tracks goes nowhere, feel it pretty plain , a bit static with no slopes or climax, doesnt build up to anything.

  • "Rescued" drum analysis - my opinion FWIW (46 years drumming)...

    Listen No 1:

    The drums start out feeling very sort of "foo" matched to the song in a very Taylor sort of way. Reserved, not over stated - hitting emphasis on back and off beats... like I'm giving over to Dave and the scene setting here and happily letting HIM drive this along while being here to hold all the instruments together... but you know that aint gonna last (because with T in the last 10-13 years it never does/did at the crescendo point).

    It's not a slow song , nor a screamer - it drifts in and out of moderate fast and voice only... and then is accentuated by the drums on re-entry. There is a solid uplift/build-up in the drums at 1.19 after Dave starts the "I'm just waiting to be rescued - To be rescued tonight" repeat, where it feels like things are going to go mad... but they don't - just falling back into a solid, almost sparse beat before Dave starts again "I fell in a trap...".

    "Are you thinking - what I'm thinking... are you feeling - what I'm feeling... this is happening now..." 2.09. Dave is still driving the song with the vocals - hinting at a frenetic payoff and then teasing (in a sense to me) with "We're all free to some degree..." which falls back to the down tempo.

    2.37 "We're all just waiting to be rescued..." here it is - the change up - and the first serious set of drum fills were the drummer (and guitars) are taking charge in driving the song...

    It's a solid steady driving "machine gun" drum fill (with an off beat skip to it if you listen closely) to 3.05 - no cymbals, no real detectable switching to or of toms - until briefly at the close out. Does it sound like something T might have played? Yes, but I'd argue it feels just a bit safe somehow to be a final track sign-off from T of the last 7 or so years.

    3.16 "To bring me back to life..." There is a drum fill here that breaks an all vocal moment. To me this feels very Dave - the attack feels Dave, even the timing feels Dave. It has that brutal hard simple pounding element.

    3.35 The final breakout - the drums are pushed back in the mix - with a steady on beat snare snap driving a tight underlying fist around the tempo - no fills - no wild man breakouts at all, as it close out to just the strings at 4.00 to the end.

    Listen No 30 something:

    0.13 First drum beat - I see now this feels like reverse disguise. It's brutal too - like I felt at 3.16 on the first listen above . It's disguised (in a sense) as the drums are lowered in the mix seconds later from 0.26 - but there are a couple of brutal tom hits before then that scream Dave (to me). It's almost like dude the drums are going to just totally give this away if we keep that level throughout. This is repeated throughout (where the drums get dropped and raised again at various points in the mix) - but the emphasis of HOW they are being hit is definitely still there on repeat listening - and it is simple, perfectly in time... and brutal.

    1.20-1.45 The 2/4 snare hits are super simple but also super powerful - there are lots of drummers that could do this of course - but Dave is one of the best.

    2.37-3.05 the "machine gun" drum fill that had me really a bit puzzled on the first listening now seems clear. I feel like this is in some small way - maybe not even consciously a bit of a Taylor tribute by Dave - all wrapped up in the bounds of the song. Of course anyone/everyone can say I'm over reaching and that's perfectly understandable - I'm going out on my own limb here with a saw and a first aid kit...

    but every time I here that I'm screaming somewhere inside my head for Taylor to finish the fill with one of his mad, totally unpredictable and perfect for the fill endings... and it just doesn't come. I felt cheated at first - where is it? Is this a drummer just not in tune with what is required (in my head)? Is this some lesser drummer I'm going to forever badly compare to Taylor?

    Or is this someone pounding the living crap out of the drums in a very deliberately simple way that reflects so much of T while trying to pay tribute to his attitude, a massive chunk of his style that makes it impossible not to feel him, and at the same time trying not to be himself - on the very first public release of the band's way forward.

    And if that was the case, what drummer in the world would Dave trust that job to?

  • i originally posted this in the other thread (New song!) but after reading FooZealands previous post it feels like we are having the same conversation.

    to me this sounds like dg on drums (based on how the toms and the snare sound) and given that this i correct i find the drums on this track very interesting.

    -the hi-hat pattern in the beginning of the chorus (are you thinking what im thinking) is the same as the pattern on the verses of everlong, but the feel is closer to the way th played it live than the way dg played in studio.

    -the snare paattern on the first crescendo (we`re all just waiting to be rescued tonight...) sounds very much like the snare pattern for the chorus of the song In your honor(might be a different pattern, but same feel), a song that im almost 100% shure was first demoed by dg before he played it with the full band (based on the making-of video that followed the album).

    -how that same crescendo ends on a tom and not a crash (leading into We`re all free to some degree) sounds like something th would do a lot live (and also leading into the final loud part of Best of you).

    -several of the timechanges feel a bit like Best of you.

    -the drum sound somehow reminds me of the album wasting light.

    i find this very interesting because taylor hawkins for 25 years have been emulating dave grohl (obviously with his own touch) and now it sounds like dave grohl is emulating taylor hawkins. it is a beautiful full circle thing.

  • Collectors note -

    Black & white vinyl have printed inner sleeve and a folded 12”x 24” insert (so I'm guessing a poster perhaps) .

    EU and US [pressings of vinyl - so 4 variants)

    Cassette: definitely US - unknown if also EU made (is on UK store but could be US version?)

    Some UK sites pushing the white EU vinyl is very limited and one copy/order some places - one of the bosses at JB Hi Fi NZ told me personally this afternoon that all their vinyl will be EU made and they have no distro limits - so this could just be a UK store by store thing - shop around.

    White vinyl also therefore being sold at premium prices in many EU stores - again shop around - these are all already on most Amazon stores throughout the EU and US - they do not appear to be limited like say an RSD release would be.

    UK store now utterly sucks if you try and price orders for overseas - you will VERY quickly hit their new limit where all postage becomes tracked insured at ludicrous prices. 2LPs was pretty bad vs other sources - 3LPs (single vinyl each) and just the postage alone to me in NZ was GBP 50.00

  • BethMIBethMI 255 posts

    I feel like the insert is probably just the lyrics sheet shown in some of the pictures. Sonic Highways (though I can only speak to the CD version) was also that style

  • BexsterBexster 1,090 posts

    I noticed that the white vinyl was cheaper on the official UK site than the independents that I'm on the mailing lists for, but the CD on the FF store was more expensive. But same as you, I saw most of them mention it as being limited edition.

  • I ordered all four items from both stores (Black vinyl, White vinyl, CD and Cassette).

    CD's are also going to have multiple pressings (like usual). So at least EU, US, AUS, JPN + maybe CAN, MEX, BRZ etc.

    The cassette is interesting since the last US/EU pressing released was TINLTL and after that there has only been these Asian/Eastern Europe/South American cassettes on the albums. But perhaps we can assume that there will be US/EU cassette as the album releases have been quite consistent with this EU/US trend.

    Also will be interesting to see if there will be any Japanese vinyl pressings (like with MAM, even though it was technically the orange EU pressing with OBI).

    However I have so much shit on my FF want list that I'd be happy if this is all that is going to be released.

  • After being a fan since 1995 it's weird to think this is their first release that Radio One haven't touched. The 'specialist' show (the Evening Session, Lamacq Live, Zane Lowe slot) didn't play it last night & the breakfast show didn't this morning.

    I understand it's the BBC's 'youth' station so there weren't going to be a main priority to their music directors forever and not that I still listen to the station either (I checked the playlist on the site).

    Still. weird.

  • IamBecIamBec 4,014 posts

    So weird - I thought the same thing - even though things have changed over the years with the playlists and stuff

  • lilmanjslilmanjs 446 posts

    This isn't the first time they've done a poster with a release. I held off on buying online for Concrete & Gold because they did an Indie store promotion where you got that cool poster if you bought from one. Luckily I have an awesome one downtown.

  • Foo3001Foo3001 284 posts

    Ok guess we’ll have to wait until we get to know who’s drumming on Rescue

    What about guitars? I don’t hear a similar arrangement as the previous albums have had where there’s a more or less distinct Shiflett / Grohl / Smear part. Could it be DG has played all guitars himself?

    Obviously Rami seems to not be featured on this one.

  • BethMIBethMI 255 posts

    Rami shared Rick Astley jamming to the single, doesn't confirm anything but he's probably on it. Bass in the intro sounds like Nate to me. Probably agree that I don't really hear any distinctively Chris/Pat guitar parts on it, but given the press release it really doesn't seem like it was just Dave.

    Interested if we'll get any backing vocals from Shifty (or anyone else even more unlikely). Probably not, but that would hit kind of hard, since it hasn't happened before. It would be a great use of Barbara, Sam and Laura's talents to sing some Taylor-style backups on the album vs the oohs and ahhs (which I don't mind), I thought they should have been using them on songs like The Pretender live.

    And speaking of that... Nothing At All shares a name with a Taylor song, I wonder if he'll be sampled on it 😔

  • SkezzSkezz 7,574 posts

    @BethMI & @Foo3001

    This definitely doesn't give me the impression this is an album done completely by Dave

    But Here We Are is the sound of brothers finding refuge in the music that brought them together in the first place 28 years ago, a process that was as therapeutic as it was about a continuation of life.

  • BethMIBethMI 255 posts

    Sorry, I was agreeing with you, just phrased it weird

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