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But honestly...

It really is a good song. Should have released this as a single instead of Cheer up Boys. Also much better live than on record. Could have been a perfect transition between acoustic-rock set if it had been a hit.


  • IamBecIamBec 1,083 posts

    Agreed on all points

  • SkezzSkezz 1,008 posts

    It's my favourite on esp&g followed by Stranger Things Have Happened

  • The ramp up is so cool on this track. Did anyone see it live when they played a short acoustic set in the middle of the show?

    It is so hard to see something live and then they sunset it for the new stuff. They could play for hours on end and I would still want more.

  • GeoGeo 861 posts

    I’ve not listened to it for a minute but I do remember thinking there was a riff that shared a resemblance with Blinders by Jackson.

    i should probably just listen to it again 😅

  • Great song from a grossly underrated album of art. There are some amazing songs on this record, including this one.

  • JujufooJujufoo 2 posts

    Defs one of my fav songs. I dream of hearing it live one day.

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