Taylor Hawkins Taylor Hawkins • 1972 - 2022 Visit Memorial

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  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 3,735 posts

    This is shocking news.

  • I'm at a loss and totally stunned.

  • BetoBeto 937 posts

    My world suddenly stopped for 5 minutes. Absolute shock.

  • foofan80foofan80 6 posts

    I have no words. A celebrity death has never hurt me. This hurts.

  • lilmanjslilmanjs 358 posts

    I know this hurts for all of us, but man, this has to be like a thousand times harder on Dave to lose his best friend so suddenly. This is not the news I ever thought I'd hear before the band quit making music.

  • DevinS26DevinS26 1 posts

    I literally don't know what to do with myself rn. Completely stunned. What a loss to the music industry

  • No words. RIP

  • jninejnine 1 posts

    Loved him. Love the band. I can't imagine how much they're all hurting.

  • bango31bango31 352 posts

    Jesus fucking Christ. I have nothing. Taylor was the soundtrack to my life. Oh my God.

  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 3,735 posts


  • jodyjody 1 posts

    Gutted for everyone πŸ’”

  • OMG, just terrible news :(

  • AuroraGrohlAuroraGrohl 283 posts

    Hugs you guys πŸ–€

  • RiaRia 121 posts

    i don't know what to say.. i'm in shock

  • no codeno code 24 posts

    This is a real kick to the head. So sad. A genuine good man and awesome musician.

    never thought it would end this way. I just hope it’s from natural causes. For his Family

  • So sad.

  • JillJill 7 posts

    I don’t know what to say…I heard from a lot of people all of them devastated. They will never be the same.

  • AuroraGrohlAuroraGrohl 283 posts

    JILL ❀️


  • Katie1991Katie1991 160 posts

    Actually in tears - can't believe this.

    So sorry for the band, his family, and everyone who knew him x

  • Huntsy67Huntsy67 18 posts


    Loved him without knowing him

  • Foo3001Foo3001 164 posts

    Terrible news. Just absolutely terrible.

  • BethMIBethMI 161 posts

    completely devastating

  • Had to come and find you all again. Surreal. End of an era. Love to everyone.

  • trevgregtrevgreg 43 posts

    Stunned. I'm so sorry everyone.

  • indianafooindianafoo 19 posts

    Just found out the news...I am speechless.

    Thoughts and prayers to his family & the band.

    RIP Taylor


  • BexsterBexster 622 posts

    I am absolutely devistated. This band has meant so much to me its like losing family. Can't believe it.

  • BigColBigCol 348 posts

    I cannot process this at all. No words make sense really. Just heartbreaking.

  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 3,735 posts

    just doesn’t seem real

  • SophieSophie 1,701 posts

    Awful news. I’m devastated.

  • SkezzSkezz 4,808 posts

    I can't believe it. Don't want to believe it. Currently listening to the S/T Coattail Riders album. Fuck this one hurt. A true gentleman who talked to me after a show and it meant everything. No rockstar bullshit just two people chatting. I love him for that and his energy and music he left behind.

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