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Ticketmaster and Firefox?

Did anyone have trouble today with a bogus "device" message using Firefox? I was trying to get one ticket each to Sacramento and Fresno and made it in for the start of the presale but Ticketmaster would not let me passed selecting a seat because Ticketmaster threw a message "Cannot use this device, try a different device message". I tried to different laptops. Then I switched browsers to Safari on the first device and it went through. But by then I was 35 minutes into the presale. Did anyone else experience this today, or ever? This is the first time Ticketmaster has done this (I've always used the device I have in front of me and Firefox).


  • I had this issue but was using Google Chrome. Eventually just switched to my phone and used the TM app.

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    Thank you @kathyp1637 ! Yeah, most people have switched to their phone and the mobile app. I spoke to someone at the box office of the Sacramento CA show. On 6 July 2021 when they went back to work they were told their venue would be 100% Mobile tickets, so anyone going to the Public Sale of Foo Fighter tickets for the December Sacramento show directly at the venue box office will be sold a Mobile Ticket. The box office staff make sure each person buying a ticket can view/see their mobile ticket on their device before leaving the box office. Ticketmaster does not confirm that any person has received their mobile ticket. I used Safari to buy my ticket (one for Sacramento and one for Fresno) but it's very likely I'll have to transfer the Sacramento ticket to a Foo Fan with a mobile device. The Fresno venue is not host to franchise team so they still do USPS tickets.

  • Looks like the reviews on the Ticketmaster app (and website) are just as bad on the iPhone/iPad as they are on Antroids ..... So I'm pretty sure the one ticket I was able to get for Sacramento and Ticketmaster will not only not make my mobile ticket available but will keep my money. And the insurance doesn't cover Ticketmaster failing to deliver a ticket.

    So, Buyer Beware!

    Review/Experiences: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ticketmaster-buy-sell-tickets/id500003565#see-all/reviews and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ticketmaster.mobile.android.na

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