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June UFO Report - Um who knows... but it's not us

FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts
edited June 4 in General Foo Discussion

There's an unclassified version being made public by 25th June, but the classified one to US officials apparently basically just says nothing as expected, other than confirming there are NOT secret US projects involved.

If you've seen the videos for Gimble, TicTac etc and heard any of the interviews with David Fravor and about 6 other service people that have come forward in the last 5 years or so then you'll prob know it would have to be some kind of weather balloon this time.

I think it's great they are at least now not saying it's Jimmy's lost silver kite etc - because the evidence and level of on record statements out there now is beyond dismissible that they are either lying, or have seen things that are foreign. If the Russians could fly silently at Mach 60 or whatever the hell it is, change direction at 300G in any direction, then just float in mid air and finally pop underwater for a quick wash... I think we'd have heard about it - Putin wouldn't be able to help himself.

Anyway here's the latest from NYT today...


  • hoochhooch 548 posts

    Fine with me if it livens things up some, the news and stuffs is starting to get too boring again. But, even if it were announced that most of our advanced tech is alien tech that was given to the nazis which their scientists were forced to give to us after we brought them here after the war, would anyone even give a shit? I doubt it. It probably wouldn't even be headline news.

  • FooZealandFooZealand 207 posts

    And so it's all pretty much exactly as expected - the report is out here:


  • The report is just a cover story or dis-information. The US government, or at least some people in it, must know exactly what is going on with the UFO's. The so called "leaked" footage of the Gimble etc have not only been deliberately leaked but are pretty poor examples of UFO footage. There much better quality, clearer and colour UFO footage that has been genuinely filmed by members of the public and which the mainstream media is totally ignoring. All the mainstream media is interested in is footage "leaked" from the military and so far all we have had is poor quality black and white footage. I mean come on surely if the US military has made so many sightings they can do better than just grainy black and white footage, especially over the last 10 years. The whole group set up by the government to investigate and that is led by Luis Elizondo is a completely fake dis-information project. If you want some real good quality genuine UFO footage then please make regular visits to the Youtube channel ThirdPhaseOfMoon. Luis Elizando is former Counter-intelligence for crying out loud. Dr Steven Greer who has decades of inside information has challenged the Elizando group to a public debate and they have all backed down.

    Check out the documentaries Unacknowledged, and also Countdown to Disclosure the Secret Technology Behind the Space Force. The latter has interviews with children from 1994 who witnessed a UFO land in the playground in Zimbabwe, with an alien actually getting out, and with the same people again in 2021 and who still give the same account of what happened all those years later.

  • "There much better quality, clearer and colour UFO footage that has been genuinely filmed by members of the public and which the mainstream media is totally ignoring. .."

    Really? ... Now that doesn't sound believable.

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