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Which is Violet place in the video?

Violet is back the scene,in darknes.A chorus return dramatics pieces of a tragedy, polis voices that became to hero. She s a splendid singer ! Since a Backandforth blue ray, Violet win our heart .Hopefully she will sing a song in a new album just for ourself!

Because it was my desire Which yours?


  • I want to add somthing. My son now 17 years,for first once, at 8 years was whith me in a FF wonderfull show in Buenos Aires, when four twisters wiped us. He is very interest in FF music, when gays back we go. But now, if my son want to write or coment in adult forum - Violet is near his age- I of course not aprobe these.

  • Hola. Hablas español? De ser así.. en qué puedo ayudarte?

  • Only sing in spanish,something like Dubi Dubi Dubi Dubi ! or Locomotion ask to your friends.

  • I just went to Suport place but there have not more " Thira____ mask" of the user that leaved a stupid coment. Others masks may be use on the stage ,Forget!and Save your mind! Oh! You can find your Hero.

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