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Pocketwatch (Vinyl Bootleg)

Hello, fellow Foo Fighters fans. I’m a new user to the forums page. I’ve been getting myself prepared for the release of Medicine At Midnight. By finally obtaining the back catalog on Vinyl. As of now I’ve got all the albums except Medium Rare & Pocketwatch. Which is we’re my discussion about it begins. For a couple of years now I’ve owned a CD Bootleg of the album with a performance from First Avenue in 1995. It’s a pretty good release. But like everyone that got into the Vinyl boom. I’ve been wanting Pocketwatch on Vinyl. On Discogs I saw that in 2019 a Vinyl bootleg was made of the album. On Black Vinyl, I’ve been seeing a Colored Vinyl pressing on eBay and some online record shops as well. Has anyone purchased a copy of the Boot? And if so how is the overall quality? Is it a poorly sourced recording. Or would you say it’s a overall similar to the CD boots if not better?

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