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ISO torrent prep help for 50+ upgrades and new sources

Rob landisRob landis 1 posts
edited January 2021 in Collections And Recordings

Hello friends at FFL. I'm one of the tape transfer techs for LiveNirvana.com, and I currently have a boatload of FF upgrades and new sources for you guys. However, I have each show as an unsplit WAV file. I don't have time to split and torrent all these, at least in the near future, which is why I'm hoping someone from the FFL community is willing to help split and share them. Please contact me at roblandisnow@gmail.com if you're interested and available. Here's a screenshot of some of what I currently have. Cassette and DAT transfers are split up, so this is a screenshot of some of the DATs in the collection.


Thanks, and Happy New Year!


  • Hey Rob, I'm able to help out with some of these. Please drop me a PM

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