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Medicine at Midnight



  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 2,991 posts

    5th time they’ve had a #1 album in the UK charts. Well done Foo Fighters!

  • IamBecIamBec 1,990 posts

    Made up for them. And us... I’m really enjoying the record!

  • Yay!! Nice to know my multiple purchases helped!

  • EmilyEmily 56 posts

    I love the album.

  • This is an incredible album - their best since Wasting Light.

    This must be around the 5th place of any top 10 album ranking...

    Making a Fire 8 / 10

    Shame Shame 7 / 10 - loathed it as a lead single, works well in the framework of the album.

    Cloudspotter 8 /10

    Waiting On a War 7 / 10 - textbook Foos

    Medicine at Midnight - 9 / 10 - the best song since Dear Rosemary

    No Son of Mine - 6 / 10

    Holding Poison - 7 / 10

    Chasing Birds 7 / 10

    Love Dies Young - 7 / 10

    I can't knock this album.

    PS Make It Right would work quite well on here!

  • I haven't listened to the album in full yet.

    What I have listened to I get a TINLTL comparison a chilled out album.

  • hoochhooch 374 posts
    edited February 13

    I couldn't get through it or the new weezer album and just listened to the first 3 Ted Nugent albums instead. The waiting on a war song is definitely the best thing on the album ( I listened to enough of each song to know if there was a chance of me liking it) and would be good if not for the ending. Foo Fighters are like the ac/dc of the late 90's now, even though they try new things it's just the same ole crap over and over. I'm not trying to dump all over them, they used to be good and I like Chris Shifflet's podcast a lot and he seems very cool. It's such a shame they sound so commercial and even corporate now like a new ac/dc album.

  • RiaRia 114 posts

    So happy they did this, it's so good! i love 'Making a Fire', both the music and the lyrics

  • Agreed! There are some vibes similar to "Make it Right" and "Dear Rosemary", which are two of my top 10 Foo songs!

  • I think waiting on a war i one of the worst songs, but the ending kinda saves it. All in all i find the album refreshing, their best since wasting light.

  • ‘Medicine At Midnight’ by Foo Fighters album review/early impressions:

    I listened one full time on my laptop last Friday and was overwhelmed with joy.  I then bought the CD to enjoy the car experience, even though it’s been below zero most of the past week, I’ve enjoyed this album immensely.  I am patiently awaiting the vinyl I pre-ordered from the FF site on 11/7.  Has anyone received theirs yet?  I cannot wait to listen in that optimal format.

    Back to the music:

    1 Making A Fire - awesome intro, Dave’s vocals are excellent, the backgrounds vocals are wonderful, the guitars and spacing are all refreshing.  Love the female harmonies.  Feels like a song Lenny Kravitz or Keith Urban could pull off.

    2 Shame Shame - better within album listen, admirable sound experimentation. This is a catchy song, but I wonder if it will work in the “stadium” setting.

    3 Cloudspotter - that intro Shiflett lick is awesome.  This is a very good song that sounds like them having fun.  I get ‘Wasting Light’ vibes on this, which is a great complement.  Very cool production and mix.  I am such a fan of the heavy female vocal harmonies.  

    4 Waiting On A War - better in album listen.  Least appealing song on the album.  Truthfully, I simply don’t enjoy this song that much, but it is easy on the ears.  I do like the harmony bridge. 

    5 Medicine At Midnight - The Bowie groove!  I love Dave’s vocals so much on this song and Shiflett FINALLY gets to let a guitar solo run free.  Honestly, this is the Foo sound I have wanted them to pursue for ages.  Those ‘There Is Nothing Left To Lose’ vocals and Shiflett spotlight, over some very open and spacious music.  I love this song.  I sure hope they play this one live.

    6 No Son of Mine - That main riff and guitar ending are cool.  This isn’t the strongest track to me, but I’m sure it is fun for them to play.

    7 Holding Poison - Yes! This one also blends so many of their great qualities and new visions.  The vocals, harmonies, spacing, dynamics and breakdown are all so fucking great!  This will be a barnburner live (even though Dave said he wasn’t sure if they’d do it live). 

    8 Chasing Birds - cool song.  I love these kinds of songs they seem to put on most albums (Ain’t it the Life, Statues, Happily Ever After).  Dave sounds great, again, on this one. 

    9 Love Dies Young - very good summery sound and excellent ending.  I like the 80s feel of the guitars and their continued sonic willingness to try new sounds, for them.

    A fun, groovy boogie of a sunshiny album that I knew I’d like: it is even better! 

    It flows so well and 8/9 songs are wonderful.

    Summer open-air car material.

    Someone made the great comparison of the easy, awesome vocal vibe of TINLTL...I agree and love that resemblance.  I like when Dave sings and the songs breathe.  I love some maximal volume rockers, but less is more with screaming and dropped tuning.  This album allows for all of that to take place.

    I am an advocate for albums that have 9 songs and love the 37:00ish duration.  Less is more.  It is much better to want more, than wish there were fewer. 

    I hope these all get played live….someday. 

    This band continues to make me a happy fan, partially because I sense they are happy, confident and willing to open their sonic minds as a band.

    If ‘The Colour and the Shape’, ‘Wasting Light’ and ‘Concrete and Gold’ were blended, this is the sonic result and success. 

    Top songs: “Medicine at Midnight”, “Cloudspotter”, “Holding Poison”, and “Making A Fire”.

    Well done, Foos.  Thank you!

  • wolwol 1,853 posts

    I love the album! In my head it was going to be even more crazy disco funk slap bass thingy but can't say that i'm disappointed, not one bit. There is not one song on it i'd skip. Shame Shame and Medicine at Midnight are bloody fantastic but it's a great, great album in whole

  • SkezzSkezz 2,998 posts

    All of the track by track videos have been added now

    Making a fire

    Shame shame


    Waiting on a war

    Medicine at Midnight

    No Son of Mine

    Holding Poison

    Chasing Birds

    Love Dies Young

  • wolwol 1,853 posts
    edited February 19

    It's fun to watch them

  • SkezzSkezz 2,998 posts

    What was the tambourine track for? New TCV a follow up to MaM already? I need answers

  • I love that kind of content. Dave makes so many great percussive sounds. It was nice to hear Pat praise Chris. I find it odd how little he gets talked about by the band. He is so talented and it really shows on this album. Their mutual laughs at how Greg has ideas for them to try a different version is funny.

  • I got 3x LPs! ... i thought i only ordered 2. Normally I would only get 1, but I guess I was starved for something new and splurged. I got: Purple swirl, Blue, and Target exclusive!!

  • wolwol 1,853 posts

    I've heard many people now saying that initially they didn't really like the new album but it has grown on them. Glad to hear such comments

  • SkezzSkezz 2,998 posts

    I like it less and less the more I listen to it. 🤷‍♂️

    Just kidding

  • lharris92lharris92 1,230 posts

    i've only listened to the full album twice...

  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 2,991 posts

    I'm so glad i clicked on that spoiler...because I was about to come round there........😡

  • BetoBeto 617 posts

    I liked it ok. But my subconscious liked it even more, I've been unconsciously humming different melodies from the record since three weeks ago.

  • Medicine at Midnight solo is in my brain!!

    Cloudspotter, especially the live version, same with Making a Fire!

    Holding Poison is growing on me everyday. I still haven't fully connected with Chasing Birds.. I like it, but I feel like I have to be in the mood for it.

  • O.B.geneO.B.gene 2,991 posts

    This plus the new Weezer album have been great releases so far this year

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