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Capsule Drop #2 Foo Fighters’ 25th anniversary

lharris92lharris92 1,399 posts
edited October 2020 in Collections And Recordings

Incoming < 50 minutes.

thoughts on designs/produce?

getting this in early cause new thread(s)


  • lharris92lharris92 1,399 posts

    "To celebrate Foo Fighters’ 25th anniversary, we have curated a special collection of items that honor each full length studio album and then some.

    The art used is a combination of new designs, previously archived designs, artwork from album packaging (some that may have never been printed on merchandise before), or a re-imagination of existing art.

    Some of these items have gone through special garment washes which make each piece unique. So be sure to check the item description for details about each product.

    A lot of these items will be limited, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

    This is the second capsule which is celebrating The Colour and the Shape & There is Nothing Left to Lose. There will be more in the coming months, so stay tuned."

  • Copying what I shared with um - someone here earlier 🤗

    I like the thermal as it has some creative substance to it, plus it's 2 sided which is always nicer. Obviously as a t-shirt collector I have to have the mol shirt. In the end I decided I would get the long-sleeve and the sweatshirt even though I first thought they were a bit rubbish - just because the are for TCATS mainly and will be printed with the 25th neck logo.

    With nothing being 300 limited this time round (I missed the pillow was 150) I fully expect they could be sold out and then back again as was/is the case with a few of the non limited 1st drop stuff.

    I do like the special had washed idea, but doing two out of four again the same way is a little bit uninspired. They say they are limited and obviously they wont do a huge run - but I'm not sure I'll get every shirt for the next capsules.

    The sweatshirt especially is the biggest let down - could have been in blue marble like the 7 inch with the towers on it like the record - that would have been way nicer...


    Pillow sold out on both stores. That didn't interest me at all. And I see now it was 150 limited - so the only limited item, which well OK still not impressed.

    I still don't get Americas obsession with baseball caps - that's a pass as well lol

    And the pin is niceish but I'd want it to say FF25 - or better yet "STILL Learning to Fly" or something witty in line with the video...

    Sigh... with I controlled their merch ideas lol

    Oh and the UK prices were all £5.00 cheaper than the US ones on the first drop clothes - which at least was a nod to the exchange rate not being equal. It meant t-shirts were slightly more expensive for me from the UK ($29.99 vs £24.99), but full tracking was waaay cheaper, so overall great value.

    Long sleeves were $34.99 vs £29.99 so they got a bit more expensive - then over that the £5.00 diff was more of a gesture than an equalisation ($44.99 vs £39.99 on a swear shirt for example).

    This drop the t-shirt and the long sleeves are again £5.00 cheaper - but everything else is the same price in pounds as it is in dollars. So BSI merch must have decided they need to make back all the money they are losing from sending me all my extra merch lol

    I do get that the drop was smaller though - firstly it's the 25th of the first album - the others could have their own (other) special editions as time goes by. Secondly they (and definitely fans) will be seeing hold on - so it looks like a drop (about a month apart) for EVERY album... shit this is going to get expensive lol... and of course we are headed to Christmas, where most will be buying for themselves, not for gifts - and money will be needed for other things even in normal times - let alone right now with no doubt many long time fans out of work or worried they might be.

    I'm guessing there might even be an album drop before we get through all LPxx numbers - I'm wondering if the middle of Nov might be too late if they want to be able to ship merch etc out before Christmas.

    There's this little thing called an election on the 3rd Nov that might play a part in that decision too.

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