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A) What a great great song.

B) This live version sounds excellent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR4zWC7rfek

C) I wish they'd play it live again.

D) I would love to hear the studio edit without a fade-out! Why do some many great rock songs fade out and not end properly?!


  • A) Yes

    B) Yes

    C) YES

    D) YES!!

  • E) TINLTL is such a great album!

    Love Headwires

  • E) YES!!!

  • IamBecIamBec 1,773 posts

    I listened to this today randomly and thought all of these things.

  • RiaRia 99 posts

    Yeeeees! Love TINLTL and Headwires is one of my favourite foo songs, especially when it goes into the chorus💖

  • TimTim 35 posts

    Usually the fadeout thing is done when a band isn't super into an ending they have or it was just gonna drag on without really adding anything.

    I'd imagine Headwires originally was originally just something where you get the snare beat switching to 8th notes and more symbols crashing and it would've done on for another minute or so then they just end as the main riff ends with a small drumfill similar to the end of a "These Days"

    As to why it's done? Flow and sequencing are big factors, that and "do we have a good ending for this that really adds anything"

    With the way Ain't it the Life starts, it kinda fits better following a fadeout.

    I kinda thought the live ending sucked when I first heard it but I bet it wasn't written until tour rehearsals when they decided to start playing it regularly

  • Easily my favorite song from the band. Would love to hear it without the fadeout, and that live version sounds cool too.

  • Always one of my personal favorites. I don't mind the fade-out too much though. Seems to match the rest of the nostalgic feels that the song offers a bit, actually.

    I wouldn't mind hearing it live sometime either, although it seemed like it didn't quite take off the few times that they played it around 1999-2000. Maybe 20+ years later would be the charm?

  • bango31bango31 332 posts

    Super underrated song, but this is the result of being a very good song on a GREAT album. Chalk it up as one of the great "deep tracks" of its time. It fits so well into the album, by the way. Such a nice, soothing, melodic tune that bridges "Next Year" and "Ain't It The Life."

  • TINLTL has one of my favorite Foo B-sides: Fraternity.

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