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Lonely As You $1,000,000 demo

I prefer this version and love the unleashed Shiflett ripping at the end. Does anyone have the MP3 they would be willing to share, if that is allowed?


  • IamBecIamBec 1,191 posts

    Yes! I also love this

  • TimTim 34 posts

    Honestly, I think it's such a weird clunky arrangement, I kinda hate it. The weird "is anyone out there?" that just feels forced, the weird "lets have a bridge with the same underlying melody" thing, etc.

    The song itself has nice elements to it (most of the lyrics, the riff) but I don't know if either version really puts it together in a way that really nails it. But I totally get why Dave, once he got like 10 seconds removed from actively working on the song, decided that the original version wasn't gonna cut it.

  • All fair. Truthfully, I love the Shiflett lead at the end and wish there would be more of that on their albums. He is so good and so tasteful.

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