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This sucks about the cancellation

Foo-TasticFoo-Tastic 52 posts
edited August 7 in General Foo Discussion

I could really use a show but understand


  • lharris92lharris92 1,113 posts

    i think all of us need a show of any kind, however, probably better people have their monies until they know shows can finally go ahead.

  • BetoBeto 523 posts

    Dave must be a wreck. I'm probably looking way too much into it, but he usually makes these announcements with a personal note, and this time it's cut to the chase and cold.

  • TimTim 35 posts

    I think, at this stage of the game, he'd known this was happening for a few months. Really the only thing that delays these announcements are "can we conceivably find another date that'd definitely work" and sorting out shit like insurance policies and all sorts of the behind-the-scenes crap most people would never even think of.

    It's never fun but it's such an unprecedented thing in the modern era and I think stuff like his 83 year old mom and friends/family is probably the main concern rather than not being able to go out on tour.

    Really, the only thing we can hope for is that modern medicine completes the hail mary and 2021 turns out to be what 2020 was complete with the ridiculous "26th anniversary party"

  • Koala FooKoala Foo 187 posts

    Yep feel sorry for you guys with tickets, I had hoped earlier in the year with it pushed back I might be able to get there but then Oz won't let us out anyway!

    I think you are right Tim, I hear things are pretty bad in California so at the moment it's a case of look after your own. Must be so disappointing for the band, we're all so disappointed with 2020.

    Let's hope they make some advances with treatments as really that's more of a key factor whilst we wait for a vaccine, at least if you can stop some people from becoming too ill or passing away then that's a major player.

    I'm sure once they get the green light they'll be planning something special 🤞

  • bango31bango31 332 posts

    Define "suck."

    Is someone handing BJs? I feel like we're entitled to this information.

  • IamBecIamBec 1,773 posts

    Yeah it sucks.

    They moved the Euro shows to next summer but with the way things are going I can’t see them happening either.

    Our whole industry here is on its knees and the government have deserted us. Even if there’s a vaccine - the level of job losses and things will take time to recoup before any big tours can take place I think.

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