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Danny Wimmer Presents FF Offstage

BetoBeto 387 posts
edited June 11 in General Foo Discussion

Mark your calendars for June 20th.

This company is releasing "a selection" of Foo's performance at the 2019 Sonic Temple Festival and it says there's a Q+A with Chris.

Hope that Q+A is actually a new thing, that's got me more excited than the concert. Any new Foo is good Foo right?


  • Awesome! I love when Chris gets Foo talking time.

  • BetoBeto 387 posts
    edited June 21

    Here it is.

    Skipped the performance and went straight to the Shift time (32:00).

    Nothing new, just a couple of anecdotes from playing live, talking favorite foo record, and a bit of his solo stuff.

  • Thanks for sharing. I think many agree "Wasting Light" is their best album as a band. Such a fond project. I appreciate his lense of hearing the parts v. the whole. As a non-musisian, I hadn't heard of or thought of that. I am so eager to hear the new album.

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