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My VHS Transfers

YoungbusYoungbus 4 posts

G'day Mates

I used to trade VHS tapes back in the day and recently found a ton of DVD's with all my VHS transfers on them. I haven't collected since 2003 so I have no further use of these recordings. But before I throw them them out I thought I would share everything just in case there are a few things people don't have.

The transfers were made from old VHS tapes that I received from trading or taping the material myself. The VHS tapes sat in storage for years until transferred in 2009 to DVD. Once completed the VHS tapes were discarded, and the DVD's were stored away until now.


My Recordings - I taped these myself from TV. They were later dubbed to DVD using a Panasonic VHS/DVD Recorder. 

My Transfers - These transfers were done by myself using the same Panasonic VHS/DVD Recorder as above. This material was transferred from all the VHS tapes I traded over the years (sorry couldn't tell you the linage on these) All of this material is probably in circulation in better quality, but I have zero knowledge on what's out there.

Feel free to use this material as you wish. Link will only be valid for 1 week.

Peace, Love & Bananas



  • FooArchiveFooArchive 396 posts

    I remember a guy in New Zealand being quite a prolific tape trader - Jamie I think his name was.

    I know I sent him an awful lot of UK stuff in the early 00s.

  • SimonSimon 576 posts

    Thanks for sharing this, I'll have a look through it all later today. A lot of TV stuff we have in good quality nowadays but there is still a fair few that are not so great, so hopefully some of these will be upgrades.

    Yeah Jamie Stuck, he used to have a site that we asked his permission to blend into FFL back when we started. Haven't heard from him in a long time.

    Seems harder and harder these days to find people who still have their VHS tapes, as I say still a fair bit of stuff that hasn't made it into the digital era in great quality.

  • SimonSimon 576 posts

    Got through all of this now. There was a handful of stuff that was either an upgrade or new for me for one reason or another, they were:

    13th June 1997  Burbank, CA, United States.mpg

    13th May 1997  London, United Kingdom.mpg

    19th August 1997  Vienna, Austria.mpg

    19th October 1995  Hamburg, Germany.mpg

    1st March 2000  Cologne, Germany.mpg

    23rd February 2003  New York, NY, United States.mpg

    23rd October 1999  Las Vegas, NV, United States.mpg

    26th June 1998  Somerset, United Kingdom.mpg

    28th October 2002  Toronto, ON, Canada.mpg

    5th December 1999  New York, NY, United States.mpg


    8th February 2004 • Los Angeles, CA, United States.mpg

    8th October 1999 • Melbourne, Australia.mpg

    24th March 2011 • Sydney, Australia.mkv

    So thanks again for sharing @Youngbus

  • Hey Guys, i know this is a long shot but does anyone still have everything I originally shared? I recently lost my entire foo fighters collection and would love to gain some of it back especially my vhs transfers. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


  • SimonSimon 576 posts

    I kept all the stuff I mentioned in the post above. I'm currently in the process of making a lot of recordings available on foofighterslive.com, so keep an eye there or our social media, to see when those videos might be available.

  • Thanks so much Simon. If you need help hosting recordings, I have purchased an 8tb MEGA account. I'm in the process of uploading what I've been able to find. So let me know if you need a hand.

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