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29th April 1996 Warfield Theatre - Master Tape

"Here is a rare one! My fave Foo Fighters show I've ever been to. Band and crowd on fire!!! Instead of me filming, I played security guy for my buddy Dan Nicholson (R.I.P) to help him pull off the shot of the decade. Filming on the Warfield lower level first section above the pit. He was a short guy at 5'4 so it worked well. He could hide between me and Mick who came up with the crazy cool idea of filming a band from this spot. Our job was to shield Dan from security and push off the active fans who could bump into him. To my knowledge we did 3 shows from that spot - Foos, Marilyn Manson, and Slayer few years later. I have Dan's master so this is the best quality you will ever get! DO NOT ASK ME FOR COPIES. ENJOY IT HERE".

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