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08.26.1995 - AUD#3?

I got a copy of this show a few years ago. However, after listening to another of my copies (AUD # 1), I discovered that apparently it would be an alternative source, which does not match the description of AUD # 2, since "Podunk" has no cuts and "Winnebago" has some cuts.

Simon, could you confirm if it's a lower transfer of one of the know sources or if it's maybe an new source?

Sampler: https://mega.nz/file/bDZ0XQ4L#1VeFHHqdBHaI5zCIknEbfyigcf2zdLUyiltkFkTjJDE


  • SimonSimon 538 posts

    Hi Roberto, just checked this out, no it's not either AUD #1 or AUD #2, so it is indeed new.

    If you could upload the whole thing some time that'd be great!

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